Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breast Cancer is not the "easy" cancer...

As the 4th was World Cancer Day and many cancer awareness campaigns are being done this month, a few ummm, interesting, ads have shown this one from Pancreatic Cancer Action...
Well, hip hip hooray!! I didn't even know that I won the cancer competition when I was diagnosed, at 37, with Stage 3C cancer, while pregnant!! How silly I was to be concerned, because we all know that everyone with breast cancer lives! It's like having a cold!! Hooray for me!! Phew, I had no idea that I can relax now, without a care in the world for what might happen to me, because I GOT THE EASY CANCER!!
Excuse me for a minute but WHAT THE FUCK?? I wish I had breast cancer?? I understand, believe me I do, that pancreatic cancer is no joke and has a very high mortality rate. I completely get that. But maybe you'd like to talk to some of the girls in my facebook group, who are in their 40s and fighting stage 4 breast cancer. Maybe you should talk to the 32 year old mom of two littles that I went to the August retreat with, who is fighting stage 4. Maybe you should talk to me after my 4 rounds of chemo while pregnant and my resultant mastectomy and my 12 rounds of chemo after that and my 33 doses of radiation after that and my constant numbness and pain and tightness that I deal with every single day. Maybe you should talk to me after I dealt with the plastic surgeon who basically insinuated that I was probably going to have a recurrence any day now and really shouldn't bother to look into reconstruction right yet because really, I may not be here long enough to enjoy it.
How about I wish there was no cancer? How about no more deaths of any type of cancer? This is not some sick kind of competition, this is something that everyone should be in together. Because with crap like this, we all lose.

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    Hello Jamie,

    I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know about this great resource Healthline has about breast cancer. The resource includes a virtual tour on understanding the progression of breast cancer, from where it starts to how it affects the body.

    You can see the guide here:

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    Please let me know if this would be possible. I’m happy to answer any questions as well.

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