Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I made cookies the other day.... that may not sound like a big thing at all, especially for those of you who know me and how much I love to bake (although it has been 80+ for the last three weeks and the oven never turns on then) but it is. Because when you get a diagnosis like this, you kind of just freeze in place. Everything becomes extremely unimportant for a while. You have to learn again that it's okay to start doing normal things, that the ground is not going to fall out from under you, at least not today. You have to learn that other people's lives go on, and you have to learn to reconcile both not really giving a crap about the "normal" of other people's lives (sorry to be brutally honest) yet not wanting to talk about the cancer all the time and letting it rule your life. I think I can join the circus after this because you very much learn how to walk a tightrope every day.


  1. Testing of comment section...for me.

  2. My favorite thing about this whole post is that you said 80+ like that is some extreme temperature.

    1. Hey, I qualified it...it's hot to me! still is, was like 92 today. so so so so so so so over it!