Friday, August 31, 2012

For goodness sakes...

So I walk out of the oncologist's about an hour ago and this older woman, probably 70s or so, "whispers" to whomever she was with, while staring at me, "look, she's pregnant, she's pregnant and has cancer!" I had to run down the hall so I wouldn't laugh out loud to call my husband to relay that tidbit. She's lucky I had a good Drs appt and was in a laughing mood. Seriously, people crack me, the cancer and pregnancy has not affected my hearing or my sight, so if you think you are invisible to me or I can't hear you, you are mistaken. But you do provide some comic relief.

On a serious note, thank you for all of the continued good thoughts and prayers, they along with the chemo, seem to be working. I don't count my chickens, it is one day at a time, but at least at this moment, things are working.               


  1. Wow, that was a brilliant observation on her part, LOL. What an idiot.

    I'm glad you're switching over here, I always want to leave comments and could never figure out how to do it on the other one.

  2. I know this is an older post, but a friend linked the OCR article on FB and I found your blog link there and had to comment. I have a four-month old baby boy and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at 5.5 weeks pregnant. Didn't start chemo until seven months pregnant, so you can imagine. It was actually one of the nurses one time who looked over at my belly, looked at me and smiled, looked up at my chemo bag then back at my belly, and met my eyes again with...disbelief? Shock? Wowzers? She was quite taken aback. ;-)

    Anyway. Quite a journey, yes? We are on a similar timeline, I think...I finished chemo on 3/1, will have a PET scan on 4/1, and likely start radiation mid-April. Just wanted to get in touch...I'm reading back through your posts and much of what your write resonates for me. I'll keep you in my prayers; feel free to get in touch if you feel like it. :-)