Thursday, January 3, 2013

Halfway through.

Halfway through my ride through Taxoltown. They slowed my infusion waaaaaaaaay down and I don't have reactions anymore however I am in the chair for 4.5 hours - ugh. But I started watching American Horror Story this last time so I think for the next 25 hours that I have left in the chair, I should at least now be entertained between catching up on series I've been meaning to watch, and giving into a few benadryl-induced naps. Other than the very long time I spend in the chair every week, I'm not doing too bad with this chemo either. I haven't even lost my hair, and I was supposed to, in fact the nurse said usually by the second treatment or so people have lost their hair. Sort of freaking me out that I am having so few side effects - in fact if it hadn't been for the reactions I was having I would think I was getting a placebo. The thing I am most happy about being halfway through with though is having this PICC line in... I am sooooo over this. I'm over having to wrap my arm every time I take a shower, I'm over my skin starting to peel from having the medical bandage over it constantly and I'm over being able to feel the line inside my arm when I move it certain ways. Over it!

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