Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chemo brain

For those of you who have been pregnant, you know pregnancy brain is a real thing. Some may get it worse than others, but for the most part, every woman I know who has been pregnant has had some degree of pregnancy brain. Now, try being pregnant AND going through chemo and I often wonder how I even managed to keep Jack dressed and safe last year. Thankfully, the pregnancy brain has subsided, but the chemo brain is definitely still showing its pretty little head. For me, the biggest effect that I have noticed (maybe there are others that I just don't remember that I've noticed, who knows!) is that I often have a very difficult time finding the word/s I want to use. For someone who had made their living as a writer (not the fun kind) and always took pride in her slightly colorful use of vocabulary, to not be able to place the correct word that I want to say or write, to literally sit there for a good length of time searching my addled brain for what I am looking for, is absolutely maddening. Don't get me wrong, I forget things much more easily now also - some bills have fallen by the wayside, and this is from a person who is exceedingly careful a.k.a. tight with money and a stickler for paying bills on time; I leave things in incorrect places and then either forget about them or wonder where they are - what I do NOT do is forget anything my husband tells me, so when he tries to say I told you that but you must have :) Anyway, here is an article saying I'm not crazy! At least about this...

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