Sunday, September 1, 2013

An up week...

Except for the dreaded "it's about to turn into fall everywhere else except for Southern CA, let's have our 90 degree weather now" time, along with the realization that I dislike August but holy-crap-August-is-already-over-and-I-have-a-month-and-a-half-to-plan-a-first-birthday-party-holy-shiz, this is an up week on the roller coaster of my life.

Let's play catch-up. The retreat - the retreat was great. I probably would have appreciated it more had I been a little further out from the whole deal...I'm still dealing with and processing way too many emotions, thoughts, fears, etc. to appreciate a woman who is supposed to be talking about body image telling me what to do about sex after cancer having never had cancer herself. Other than that, the nutrition lady (carrot juice, in a word-  yuck - but a 10 year study behind it regarding 50% reduced recurrence and the carotene levels in the blood, so yeah, me and carrot juice are new pals :P) was great, the facial and massage - awesome (mindtrip overcome), the yoga lady - fabulous, and the place was great, the weather was great (for me),  and the girls were great too. So thank you Image Reborn for providing a great weekend!

Here are some pictures of the place - this is at The Canyons, who I believe donated the penthouses for the weekend...

Apparently Will Smith used to stay in this penthouse when he stayed in Park City, before buying is own house...this is NOT my room :(

Bathroom bigger then two of my kitchens, honest to goodness...again, not my bathroom

This was the fireplace on my side...perfectly nice penthouse...not quite as big as the other one..oh well :)

In other more mundane yet terribly exciting news for me...we have a fully potty trained boy in the house which if you have kids, you know how exciting that is. Jack has been teetering on fully training for months now but resisted, well, let's just say he's been peeing for months in the potty. Nothing else though and only at home, no matter how much I begged, cajoled, bribed. (Jack does things at his own pace, decided when he wants to do them, and when he decides then that's it, he does it. He is here to teach me patience and how to let go.) Now, he goes like a pro, AND finally went in a public place this weekend (in the bathroom in a public place, let me clarify) - whoooohooooo!!! 

Sister girl did NOT have good nights while on vacation. I got two full wonderful nights of sleep at the retreat and came back to two barely-got-maybe-three-hours-nights before we came home. Well, actually I'm not going to say anything because I am highly superstitious about the sleep thing and wish not to jinx myself so check back in a month for an update.

Shoulder X-ray from last week was clear so it appears that, thank goodness, my shoulder is just retaliating against me constantly lifting a 17 pound baby up to smell her butt to see if she pooped or not. Sorry, just a fact.

Football has almost started (believe me, I am well aware of the reality of my team this year but I will still keep the faith), Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back (soon I will live in a place where the return of PSL's coincides with the return of fall, not hell), and there are parties to plan, costumes to make, candles to smell, and pumpkins to dream of. Let's get busy livin'.

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