Friday, March 1, 2013

Good day!

What a difference a day makes! What a wonderful day yesterday - this wonderful article came out in the OC Register, our local paper - - and on top of that, the new season of  World's Dumbest started (some people watch Honey BooBoo, I watch World's Dumbest...don't judge).

Again, the kindness of people shocks and overwhelms me. I was fully prepared to have to stop reading the comments section of the article because there is usually some nasty person or people or many people writing something terrible - but the comments so far have been nothing but positive! SO great!

Back to a busy week next week, A-R's four month well baby appt, my appt with the radiation oncologist, and tax appt. Blech. Oh well, I think not enough appointments has left me too much time to think anyway - I need to be busy, it's much better for the psyche. Have a great weekend wherever you are - I will be busy trying to stay cool (hello cool winter/spring weather, please please come back).

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