Thursday, June 6, 2013

Radiation follow-up

Well, I was all set to write this post about the auspicious hat trick of dates when I ended my radiation treatments tomorrow on my son's birthday.. how my treatments had all started or ended right on or around important dates. But alas, I will not finish until likely next Wednesday - I am peeling too much and want some of this brand-new-as-a-baby's-butt skin to toughen up at least a little bit before the last three zap sessions so I told them I wasn't coming back until Monday. Still close to Jack's birthday, but still. Anyway, because I wanted to follow up and gross everyone out, here's a picture of what most of the peeling looks like - and this is actually good compared to what it was.
Still red on the chest and super super itchy.


Pretty gross...not the cool kind of peeling after a one day sunburn kind of peel, this is thick layers coming off...

The gross close up, so you can share my pain :)

Okay, I promise tomorrow will be a lovely post with pretty pictures and no more grossness..for now.

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