Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lovely day...

The weather is beautiful! It's finally like fall...even though it's supposed to be back up to 80 something next week :P I will enjoy today. I went to my c-section pre-op appt today which consisted all of checking my heart and lungs to make sure I was alive before surgery. Twenty dollar co-pay for that (will be doing a post soon about my cost of cancer). Then I ran over to the bookstore - ummm, well, waddled slowly to the bookstore - to see if they had anything interesting and fall-y that I could take to the hospital, and then ran over to get a sandwich at Boudin's that I had a coupon for. When I handed the cashier my card to pay a gentleman ran up behind me and said I want to pay for whatever she's getting, and turned to me and said good luck with whatever it is you're fighting right now, and I about started crying. He is - which I told him - the first person in public to ever say something to me during this whole process so far. I get that people don't know what to say, and are uncomfortable - believe me, I get it. I'm super shy and would likely, before this, never say anything to anyone. But I read about all of these people who have people come up to them at the grocery store or wherever and wish them good luck, or say keep fighting or I'll pray for you or anything, just some sort of acknowledgment - and I've not heard one word from anyone. Believe me, I don't go running around town - there's the running again, I don't run anywhere - in a bandana, hoping or waiting for someone to "validate" my fight or anything like that - no one owes me anything and everyone has a struggle going on, some visible, some not so much. But I do have to say, it absolutely made my day, and I will promise to pay it forward someday, knowing how much it means. Thank you kind man out there.

And, the kind mamas who are helping me out are dropping off the first batch of milk today in prep for baby girl's arrival! A big thank you to them as well... it was a good day.


  1. Yay for a good day!!!

    I bought a sandwich for a girl in an airport once. She was pretty shocked. And it made my day to do it for her!

    Glad you had a great experience with the kindness of a stranger.

  2. So glad someone acknowledged your battle in such a kind way today. Awesome that the milk has started to arrive. Keeping you in my thoughts here in Singapore.

  3. OMG! Baby girl is almost here! Soooo excited for you. Have a wonderful birth, Jamie. Thinking of you, as always, and sending love and healing your way.