Friday, November 2, 2012

Cancer moms sweeping the nation...

I guess it's like when you get a new car, you notice all of the same kind of cars around you. I swear, before I was diagnosed I had not seen a single news story, article, TV segment, anything addressing pregnant women with cancer. In the past few months I have seen quite a few things, segments on the Today show, news articles, medical studies about chemo while pregnant, etc etc. Bonnie contacted me through Jill @ BabyRabies and Best4Babes about writing an article and here it is! Bonnie writes a lot about milk sharing, pregnancy issues, etc, and I had a great time talking with her.


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  2. Jamie,

    I've been reading a book called the Happiness Advantage, and what you say has actually been studied. We develop patterns of thought by wiring our brains to seek certain things out. For example, if you close you eyes and imagine a certain color, when you open them, that color will pop out from around the room. The same is true if one gets in the habit of seeking out either the negatives or positives in life.

    One of the most interesting studies that the author cites was conducted on two sets of people: a) those who say/think they are lucky and b)those how say/think they are unlucky. They gave both groups a newspaper and asked them to count the # of pictures in the publication. On one of the early pages (like page 3) they posted in large print something along the lines of: YOU'VE WON A PRIZE. STOP COUNTING, THERE ARE 42 PICTURES. HAND THIS PAGE TO THE RESEARCHER AND RECEIVE $25O.

    Guess which group was much more likely to notice this message? Those who feel they are lucky.

    So yes, our experiences and mindset directly influence how we perceive the world. That is why I admire your attitude and strength during your experience. Stay positive, the mind is amazingly powerful and, to be cliche, can move mountains.