Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just some thanks.

What a beautiful day today, the sky was just a perfect shade of azure and you couldn't help but be awed by it. Spring seems to be coming. If you've read anything about me so far, you know I pretty much detest the heat, and love love love fall and winter. The coming of spring never really excites me but I must say these days the turning of a new season is cause for joy and appreciation. Catch me again to see if my attitude is still the same when the temperature hits 90 but for now....

We will see if the night ends well in a few minutes when this game is over...aaagggghhh! The whole season has been nail-biting like this.

One and a half weeks left of this picc line I am surely grateful for. I absolutely cannot wait to have this out of my arm. I am also so so very grateful for my wonderful mamas group who provides milk. I was running very low about two weeks ago and I absolutely hate to ask for more when they are already providing so much. Luckily maybe Erin sensed that and that night asked if I needed more now and more in general. So grateful for a fuller freezer. Little girl is too.

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