Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am finally starting radiation tomorrow...not that I want to. I think if I had trepidation about any part of this process, this would be what concerned me the most. But, we do what we must, and I must get irradiated like a crispy critter. So, 33 business days from tomorrow I shall be done with this part of the process and I will dance a jig. I didn't get as many tattoos as I thought I was going to get, and they are in far different places than I expected, but I did get drawn on today like a battle plan gone awry. I'm waiting for someone tomorrow to tell me I have a little something on my neck, sort of like people have told me I have a little dirt on my forehead when I have ashes on Ash Wednesday.

Off to an early morning of zappy zaps.


  1. Good luck with the practical side tomorrow, and prayers for VERY effective treatment. I am starting radiation on Tuesday and also recently received some lovely tattoos. :-) We do what we must, indeed.

    1. Emily , I meant to hit reply, duh. Sorry, see below!

  2. Good luck and prayers to you too Emily!! Let me know how it goes! 1 down, 32 to go :)