Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today I was sending out some invitations for my son's third birthday party -THIRD birthday! And then I started thinking how it was last year around his birthday when I started noticing the mass, and assumed it was hormonal changes from the pregnancy, and how a few weeks after that - well, you know. Amazing. Even though I realize that May will be a loooooong month of radiation, in all actuality it will probably go by before I know it. Soon my boy will be three, and I will look back on the past year with so many conflicting emotions. I have gone through hell and back and by the grace of God, maybe won't have to go there again. Through the worst crap of my life, I've watched my baby boy grow up before my eyes, and had another baby on top of that. I am here. Here to celebrate another year that my boy is on this earth, making his mark, finding his way, learning who he is and what life is. Here to celebrate with him, here for him to learn who I am and what I want for him, here to try to convey even one ounce of the weight of my love for him, here to be his mama.

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