Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Appointments, appointments, appointments...

Days right now are full of appointments. In between now twice-weekly non-stress tests for the baby are my regular OB, oncology, and perinatology appointments, soon to be surgical consult appointment, aaaannndd...my last AC chemo today. Hopefully for a long time, like maybe forever would be nice. Then we start counting down to the big stuff, and more appointments! Ultrasound to measure how much the tumors have shrunk, since there is no baseline mammogram in my case. Full body CT scan after delivery, which is a scary thought to me - my oncologist is optimistic, but truthfully it terrifies the hell out of me. Oh my, quite the busy holiday season, and not in the way I like. But all I can hope and believe in is that at this time next year, I'll be planning a one year old's birthday party, decorating for halloween, going to the pumpkin patch and Disneyland, and looking forward to my favorite time of the year, without the worries and prospects I have to face right now. So much to talk about over the next few weeks, I just need to process a bit of it first.

Went to the Komen walk on Sunday....holy hell, was it hot and humid. One of my husband's co-workers organized a whole group, and it truly amazed me just how many people showed up for me, people I've known for 12 years now and people I don't even know! Thank you so much Karen! (pictures to follow soon)

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