Monday, September 10, 2012

Stand Up to Cancer???

I just had to get this out while the hot computer is open and I remembered...I watched the Stand up to Cancer benefit that was on every channel Friday, well, you know, because I'm part of the "club" now...I have to say, I was not impressed. Let me tell you why. For someone who doesn't have cancer, sure, all of those percentages and statistics scrolling across the bottom of the screen I guess are informative and make you want to donate -whatever. For someone who HAS cancer....what a load of bullshit. Statistics and percentages and everything else, when you are fighting this, are nothing but things to dissuade you. I refuse to look at any sort of percentage of outcome or recurrance or statistic, all that does is create noise and doubt. I have my own outcome, I had to make my own statistics since I was disagnosed, and I think every cancer patient should... no one should listen to what it typical or normal or whatever, because you are fighting your own fight, and you are creating your own belief system and you are your own person, totally different from anyone else who has fought even the same type. No doctor has the answer to what's going to happen... I've read about Stage 4 people cured of many different types and I've read about Stage 1 people having recurrances and passing. There's no way to tell, and looking at numbers just takes a little bit of power away from you. That's my opinion and outlook, and the whole thing seemed rather dour to me. I did not approve.

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