Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 22 - Faith, Day 23 - A Special Day in your Life and Day 24 - Jewelry

Goodness sakes, this has been work. Lucky for me, I wrote about faith and thankfulness a little while back so I will just direct you there.

Ugh, I am SO over picking these specific events - I have never ever liked that. Especially as introductory device, like when you are in a new class or a seminar and they say, tell your neighbor your favorite book, or band, or whatever - UGH! Anyway, a special day in my life. Hmmmm, I feel like I should be describing a Judy Blume event here. I'll pick an odd one here - I loved my 19 birthday, it was one of my favorite birthday's ever and I suppose that makes it a "special" day. I was a freshman in college and during my freshman year I lived in a suite, which was three rooms of two girls. Being an only child and just being me, I know I wasn't easy to live with, and some of the other girls had definite "quirks" also. By January, cracks were already creaking open in our suite, but for whatever reason, these girls, and some of my friends across the way, had a great celebration for me. I loved it and will always remember it!

Jewelry, or a piece of jewelry. This one was kind of interesting. I have a necklace that I have had for many many years. My mom gave it to me years ago - I will admit through many moves it has been lost and found multiple times.
It was my great-grandmother's necklace and supposedly came with her from Austria. As I recall, the story is that it was a gift from the royal family (the Hapsburgs) and is some extravagant stone. It's completely not my style, but I love the story and the lore behind it. I've never even had it appraised because I think I like the lore more than what the actual truth may be. Whatever it is, I'm thankful that I have this tangible link to that side of my family.

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